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Avoid Erection Pills

Let’s talk about another common mistake men make when they want to improve their performance in bed:

Using erection pills. Or sex pills or whatever else they may be called. The purpose of these pills is to make it easier to sustain an erection during sex and to recover it faster after an orgasm, or to make your arousal grow not as fast as usual. 

There is a massive industry out there producing, distributing and promoting these drugs. If you have been around on the Internet, I’m sure you’ve encountered a huge amount of advertisement (and spam) pushing these pills.

Even if we assume that these pills actually always work, always deliver the promised results and never harm you (all of which are quite far-fetched assumptions, I’d say), there is still a major drawback to using them. And that’s also how the sex pill industry thrives.

imageYou see, taking a pill in order to stay hard for a longer period of time provides you with only a temporary solution. And if it does work, you get hooked on the sexual benefits it gives you. I’m not saying you get physically addicted, I’m just saying that once you manage to impress your woman or yourself by your performance, you can’t just go back to the old way.

So you keep going back to the online store and purchasing more pills. Without this sort of "mental addiction" effect, the pill manufacturers would be out of business in no-time.

imageA much more effective way of gaining an incredible boost in sexual performance is to develop the ability to have true male multiple orgasms. There are many men who have used pills for a while and only later discovered and unleashed their multiorgasmic skills. I don’t think ANY of them would want to go back to using the pill. 

You don’t have to waste your time, money or health on buying drugs from dodgy online merchants.

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Distraction Technique is Good?

Many men would want to improve their sexual abilities. But do you know that some techniques that were being circulated in the sexology tips were sometimes something that you need to avoid. Let’s talk about the first huge mistake men make in an attempt to satisfy their woman:
So you heard about this so called Distraction Techniques? The basic idea about this technique is to distract yourself so they you don’t think about sex in order to prolong it.
You could think about something like a football match you watched last night with your friend or you could think about strategy on how to grow your business or something that is very irrelevant to what you’re doing at the moment. Having sex!
The main idea behind this technique is to reduce your arousal by moving away your mind from your partner and trying to make you “forget” that you are actually having sex. But let me tell you, this will proven and it works but the most important thing you should realize is that this is a very bad idea! Do you think that your woman will have a pleasant sex with someone that doesn’t lost somewhere else while having sex? Do you think she will enjoy impassionate sex from you? You guess it right, she will not.
While using distraction techniques may slightly increase the duration of sex, they will most certainly decrease its quality. You may last a minute or two longer than you otherwise would, but eventually both you and your partner will feel dissatisfied and perhaps even “weird” about the whole thing that just happened, even if you don’t talk about it.
Trading quality for quantity is not something a great lover would do.
Basically that’s why in my ebook “Male Multiple Orgasm” I draw so much attention to the fact that the quality of sex is at least as important as the duration. In fact, you don’t have to trade one for the other - you can have both! And that’s exactly what I teach in “Male Multiple Orgasm”.
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Just Break Up?

I remember last time when I break up with my girlfriend, it was painful at heart and it affects my whole daily routine.  I lost focus in everything that I do.  I don’t have the heart to do everything.  I lost my appetite. I don’t feel like want to go to work.  I want to lie at the bed and sleep so that I don’t thing about this sorrow.  I prefer to get drunk and faint so I can forget about her for at least that very moment.

Do you have the situation like the above paragraph?  If you are, continue to read.

As being said, every meet up will come to an ends.  So do couples.  Although many couples are joyfully last long until only death separate them, there are still so many couples break up during their early stage of relationship development.  For whatever reason that cause you to break up with your partner, what you want now is to get them back at your side.  Am I right?

Some of you might try everything.  For the guys, you buy flowers and wait in front of her house or office until she calls the police officers to throw you far away.  Some even sing! Or worst, standing outside her windows in a rainy day, calling up her name and ask forgiveness even actually you did not do anything wrong!  What important to you is to get her back.  But you failed!

For women, they might try something like, baking a cake for him.  Wear sexy lingerie and try to seduce him.  While this have high success rate, there are men out there that won’t “get fished” by this trick anymore.  Some even make a fake announce to commits suicide.  But all those things just don’t work.  It won’t feel good to force someone to take you back.

Now, I’m talking to someone that deserves a second chance.  This is for someone that is not that bad.  You know you’ve done something bad to your partner that they dumped you.  But you really regret it and what you asking for is a second change and you swear to God that you will never make the same mistakes again. You promise yourself that you will treat your couple as good like you will never see them again tomorrow.

The secret is try to “making up” some stories that draw the curiosity of her or him.  Curiosity kills man, always remember that.  Your plan is to make them wondering and keep wondering what happen that can’t hold on and end up CALLING YOU!  FINALLY your ex are talking to you and now you have the chance to talk to her/him and makes thing right.

Let’s see this live example.

David was breaking up with Susie and he calls every day and leave a message into her voicemail because his calls were never get answered.

“Hello, sweetheart. I know you are there, please pick up the phone.  I need to talk to you about us.  I’m sorry.  I promise… bla… bla… bla.. bla…”

Compare to this;

“Hello, Susie.  I was very happy what I get today.  Thank you for what you’ve done.  I love it so much. That I never thought I will have this kind of surprise today.  It cheers me up for the whole morning.  Talk to you later.”

If you got that type of voicemail, would you not to feel curious to know what have happen?  I bet you do.  At least I do.  She/he will keep thinking, what she/he have done and when they cannot hold on the feeling to know what was going on, they will CALL YOU!  This technique were being shared by TW (T Dub) Jackson oh his book called Magic of Making Up.

You should check it out for more clear and more tips and tricks.

Courtesy of Just Break Up?

Get Rid of Satellite Dish Today

Satellite dish is a device that are used to receives or transmit radio or electromagnetic transmission from a satellite placed at the outer space.  Actually a satellite dish is an antenna.  The different of satellite dish from normal antenna is its shape.  The shape was parabolic with certain radius and focal point that focus the collected signals to the feed receiver. Without a satellite dish, we cannot pick the signal transmitted from the satellite high in the orbit, but as technology grows, we can opt-in for a non satellite dish television.Satellite Dish C Band

Satellite Dish C Band

But imagine, you can enjoy a satellite tv channel at your home and you have not to worry anything because you have a big satellite dish.  Wow, just imagine one meter height from the ground, four meters diameter of the dish and the foundation were being build with reinforce concrete grounded about 30 centimeters underground.  Sound very cool until you wish you can watch satellite tv channel on the go.

Or maybe you just have a small parabolic dish like the one for Astro satellite tv that can easily be mounted to the wall of your apartment.  It is a very common view nowadays.  But just think about the subscription fee that is around $100, that is quite ridiculous if you think back properly that how many hours you spend your time watching tv?  Does it worth the pay? Does it now?  Oh, if you think $100 is just small amount then it would be no problem to spend something less than $100 for a satellite tv channel, even better you now not a subscription fee paying it every month but only once in a life time!

I bet you know YouTube, the biggest video sharing website in the world at the moment owned by Google.  At YouTube, you can watch almost everything from tutorials, funny jokes, speeches, music video and even movies.  But movies are always being removed by YouTube staff because it was a copyright materials.  Have you ever wish you can watch satellite tv just like watching YouTube or other video sharing websites?  Well, you not the only one have wish for that.

Better than this video sharing website, you can watch in full television standard high definition satellite tv channel direct from your computer or laptop.  What you need is only a functional computer with an internet connection.  Then you can subscribe to a provider called Satellite Direct for a one time fee and enjoy a life time watching more than 3000 tv channel without the hassle of having a satellite dish and its monthly subscription fee.

Courtesy of Satellite Dish.

We all know about women’s multiorgasmic abilities. Many women can achieve orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. But male multiple orgasm?! How is that even possible?

When I first heard of the male multiple orgasm, I was flabbergasted. And moreover, I was obviously very sceptical. If you are a guy reading this, you know very well how it works. You’re having sex, you get more and more aroused and then it all gets released in a squirt. There goes your arousal, there goes your erection. Sure, if you stay in bed for a while, you’ll get your erection back and can go for another round. But that takes time and sometimes even feels more like an effort rather than pleasure. You know what I’m talking about right?

Anyway, while searching for some material on how to “better please my woman”, I completely accidentally stumbled upon this book that claims to teach guys the apparently very rare skill of “male multiple orgasm”. Even though I thought it would be a total scam, I decided to give it a try. After all the guy who wrote the book provides a 100% money back guarantee, and so I had pretty much nothing to lose.

So I got myself the book. It’s an e-book, so I got the download link instantly after the payment. It wasn’t too long and was pretty straightforward. I read it through in one evening and got practicing.

Fast forward two weeks and I couldn’t believe what I was doing! I would be having sex with my girlfriend, I would have an orgasm and then I would just keep having sex with my girlfriend. The first time I did this, as soon as I had my orgasm, my girlfriend was ready to get out of bed. She had that “you came too fast… again” look on her face. She didn’t realise that I was still rock-hard! Oh, how I loved when her disappointed expression changed to the “what the hell?” look! I just kept on going and going. It was the best night we had together in months. Afterwards, she even had tears in her eyes, she was so touched by our closeness.

Fast forward two more weeks, to today, and I feel like I’m the king of sex. I own sex. I can control my arousal and my orgasms as I want. Sex has become so much more than a ten minute game of “who comes first”. I can give my girlfriend all the orgasms she has been missing out on before I gained my multiorgasmic skills. It’s because now I have all the time in the world to satisfy her in bed without losing my erection. She says I’m the best lover she has ever had (and she’s had many).

I am so grateful for my new abilities and my new sex life, that I just feel like have to spread the word and that’s why wrote this little article. If you think your sex life is lacking because you just can’t last long enough and you don’t want to resort to pills, I urge you to take a look at this book.
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